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License #4218


I'm a Mobile, AL native but have lived on the eastern shore my entire massage career of 8 years. I have four wonderful children ranging from ages 18-28.  Having my younger son enrolled in Daphne schools and sports since moving here has allowed me to meet and get to know many kind people in the area. Before beginning my massage career path I worked in the corporate world doing accounting.  I can relate and know all about the different problems felt in the back caused from working at a desk.  I also enjoy physical fitness that allows me to be very familiar with injuries and common pains that go along with all activities related to it.  I understand and apply assisted stretching for my clients when needed, knowing what muscles are effected and shortened by these activities and that come with working in today's world rather it be a desk job, driving extended amounts of time, or doing physical labor on a daily basis.  I pay very close attention to and apply my work to each of my clients as individuals knowing we all live different lifestyles, work different professions, and carry stress in different ways.  

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