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Mind 2 Boby

  120min    349

*180min   469

Ocean Rocks

*180min makes it the "Most Extreme Renewal" 

experience by adding a facial massage, facial cupping, facial cleansing, and scalp massage. You won't regret it!!

This service is two full hours of putting complete trust in your massage therapist Kim, the owner and sole practitioner of Mind 2 Body Massage and Day Spa.  With having 2 hours she will be able to take her time during your massage to go over, not only, all the superficial muscle groups, but also all the deep muscle groups as well.  Addressing their origins and attachments where needed.  After all that, each area will be gone over with a percussion gun to finish ironing out any remaining connected tissue. 

 Now that you know the physio side of your massage lets talk about the Mind side of it....

The flow technique used during your massage will immerse you into a total state of relaxation maximizing your brain's production of serotonin. This allows her to balance the energy fields surrounding your body (quantum physics) that will enhance your state of mind.  Your daily thought process will be sharper and your mood will be noticeably better.

This massage is one you'll want to write home about!!

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