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Body Polish






    90 MIN  199


Shed that dull outer layer by removing dead skin cells allowing cell regeneration with this full body polish using a warmed sugar scrub with essential oils and moisturizers leaving your skin soft and supple. Giving your body a new and natural glow.  this is a must for all you sun worshipers or those with dry and ashy skin.


Pink Sugar Texture

Natural Marine Algae Body Wrap


90 MIN  199

Your body will be wrapped in a warmed high potency, fortifying anti-oxidant kelp and glycerin based marine algae sea weed infused with essential oils seeping into your skin renewing its strength and vitality ultimately leaving it soft and supple.  And while waiting on this amazing concoction to do its magic you will be wrapped in warm blankets allowing it to detoxify and remove toxins.

Woman in a Spa

Spa Facial Treatments

30 MIN  59
45 MIN  79
60 MIN  119
*90 MIN  209


Our spa massage face treat is like none other.  Be ready for one of the most relaxing experiences you've ever had. This spa treatment includes a relaxing massage of the face and neck, cleansing, warm steam towels, and *ending with pressure point therapy leaving you feeling uplifted and revitalized. This treat is great for those who deal with allergies, migraine headaches, tension headaches, and TMJ. 

* Includes Facial Cuppping and LED Light Therapy


Spa Facial Cupping

30min   59

45min   69

60min   79 

Are you wanting to erase signs of aging from

your face?  Come in and experience one of the most relaxing treatments Mind 2 Body has to offer.  This treatment increases collagen production and circulation for your face and neck areas. This treatment can make you look younger instantly for a special occasion or if done as a regimen can give you a more permanent look of youthfulness.  And to top it off facial cupping cleanses the lymph areas in the face and neck. This treatment is a must for those who suffer from allergies, chronic headaches, and sinus issues.

Before and After
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