Back Massage

Neuro-Muscular & Customized Massage

30 MIN  59  Couples 129

45 MIN  69  Couples 159

60 MIN  89  Couples 209

75 MIN  119                      

90 MIN  149                      

This massage is customized to each individual's needs. Starting out with a client assessment to determine the exact areas causing the client issues and/or pain.  Once that is determined I'll explain and recommend what I believe will help most, depending on the length of time the client has chosen for his/her massage.  This could include deeper massage and trigger point therapy as well as assisted stretching, heat or cryotherapy, and myofascial release/connective tissue work.  Which technique and how many of them depends on the length of time he/she chooses for their massage. 

Stone Tower

Hot Stone Massage

 45 MIN  119  Couples 259

60 MIN  129  Couples 279

75 MIN  159  Couples 339

90 MIN  179                        

This massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. It is a full body Swedish massage using light to moderate pressure ended with hot stones and warm towels. 

Pregnant Woman

Pre/Post Natal Massage





  30 MIN  79   Couples 179 

45 MIN  89   Couples 199

60 MIN  119 Couples 259

This massage, like the swedish, is where you will find your Zen.  It is light to moderate pressure with amazing flow and extra focus on the legs and feet.  It is perfect for those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester.